Is music key to increasing your workout intensity?

We all need a little extra boost in our workouts some times, right?  There are those days when we head out for a run or go the gym and we can say, honestly, “I am just not really feeling it.”  I have found that music is a staple for me and for my inspiration levels.  When I have an inner hum that provides me with the inspiration and the energy naturally, my workouts do not require a specific style of music.  I can easily focus on the physical feeling of my athletic activity. BUT…when I need that boost…when my body is dragging…when my mind is wandering…I turn to music.  Do you need a little musical boost?  Depending on the activity, choose a music style that is appropriate.  The beat plays a significant roll.  If you are performing a slow, yoga routine, choose a music style with slow rhythm and beats.  If you are running, choose a music style with quick beats and a fast pace.  Your heart beat will physically tune into match the music style!

What am I currently listening to?  I have the new Dark New Day and Cage The Elephant albums currently in my rotation for my treadmill running and my weight room lifting.

Happy listening!

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