Relaxation For Health

I have been relaxing and loving the summer weather.  It is finally here and I couldn’t be more thrilled with playing outside, feeling the sunshine penetrate my skin, and relaxing on the porch with a good book and good conversation.  This is the time of year that reminds me of how important relaxation, meditation, and down-time is for your health and mental state.  The warm weather and sunshine increases our energy and motivates us to get outdoors and be active, however, allowing yourself that opportunity for your mind to wonder or simply “be in the moment” of your surroundings is just as therapeutic.  It is healthy to take at least 15 minutes out of your day to recuperate.   If you do not have time every day to participate in this activity, aim for about 3 days out of the week to start and slowly increase the amount as your schedule allows.  Quickly, you will see how this change will enhance your mental state, give you more energy, and decrease your stress levels! Be mindful…

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