7 Sneaky Ways To Sneak In More Exercise

Everywhere you turn, people are telling you that you need to exercise more, for longer periods, more purposefully…follow this routine or follow that routine.  It can get crazy confusing and, honestly, in a world of abundant chaos and information overload, it can easily turn the most motivated fitness newbie away from actively fitting exercise into thier regular daily routines.  With all the information on health and exercise, it is easy to think that there is one way and one way only to exercise or get more healthy. 

I remember when I first started out and was hell bent that I was going to change my health and my physique and I started reading and studying everything and anything I could get my hands on to gain more knowledge.  Now, I dabble in a little tendency called perfectionism, so I would read magazines and books and websites and blogs…endlessly looking for the solution to what would give me better health and a rocking body that just didn’t quit…I mean, the models on the magazines had them, why couldn’t I?  And then, after years of sweat and reading and tears, I had my AHA! moment.  I realized that there are loads of conflicting information and advice and techniques out there.  One “expert” tells me that I should be performing an upright dumbbell row to make my deltoids more muscular and then, on the next website, I read that they are a prime exercise to increase my shoulder pain and could potentially cause a shoulder impingement.  This opened my eyes and made me realize that not all exercises and exercise techniques are appropriate for every body. So, you ask me…well, what is appropriate and how do you know what is appropriate for you?  I have a very simple answer.  What ever feels good for YOUR body and how ever you can FIT IT IN!

I believe whole-heartedly on functional training styles and making it appropriate for you, regardless of age or weight or gender.  I believe in training the body smart by keeping it strong so that you can kick ass through your day to day activities . I also believe in training that is time-limited. Unless you are training for a specific sports event (i.e., marathon, half-marathon, distance biking, etc), there should be no reason that you are running on a treadmill for an hour or more.  Not only does that get boring, but it wears the body down, wears the muscle down, and cause more stress and inflammation in the body decreasing your likeliness of showing off that well-toned, muscular body that you are working so hard to get.  Plus, honestly, who the heck has the time to commit to long bouts of exercise sessions?  I know I don’t!  With all the committments we have today: our work, our families, our educations, our friends…not to mention the day-to-day activities that make our lives run smoothly…there is no wonder people get so easily confused, unmotivated, uninspired, and fall so easily off the exercise bandwagon.  Well, my friends, this is where I put my foot down and share some top tips to make exercise easier to fit in your day and make it more functional overall so that the average healthy person can benefit immensely. Because, honestly, I just want to see everyone exercising more….

So, what are some sneaky ways to fit in your exercise?

1. Mindless waiting is overrated! While you wait for water to boil or your coffee to brew or any other activity that requires waiting, perform a set of 10 push-ups off the floor or the edge of the counter top.  Challenge yourself and see how many sets you can get in before your waiting is done.

2. You pick things up and you put them done.  Anytime that something falls on the floor or you have to pick something up, or maybe you purposefully throw something down so that you have to pick it up, perform a proper squat or a single leg squat to retrieve the item. Just make sure that your back is flat and that your core is engaged.

3. Curl it.  Going shopping for a small amount of groceries or out at your favorite store to pick up a few items?  Grab the basket and use it to curl your way to more defined biceps. 

4. Speed walk (or run) your errands. Errands can take a large chunk of time out of your day. Why not turn it into some cardio by cranking it up a notch!

5. Park further away from your destination. No close, upfront parking space? No problem! Get your buns moving by walking the extra distance and, for a bonus, park further away and purposefully walk that extra distance. Your muscles and your heart will thank you for it!

6. Play fetch with your dog. Give yourself and your dog a workout at the same time by playing a game of fetch or frisbee or just chasing him or her around the yard. Don’t have a dog? Do a kind act for your neighbor and take their dog out for a walk or go volunteer at a kennel. Exercise and volunteering are a great combo!

7. Be active often. Get a solid full body functional routine that you can do anywhere in 10-15 minutes and perform it 2-3 times a day. You get all the strength and health benefits of one long workout on a time-crunched schedule. Not sure what to do? Check out my article on Workouts For On The Go for a solid program. Want a more customized program that is made just for you? I would love to set that up for you! You can contact me at tansynr@gmail.com or through www.tansyrodgers.com.

Action Step:

Here is your time to shine! Take action now and create a concrete plan that is written down. Think about what “free time” you have throughout each day for the next week. Pick at least two of the above suggestions and incorporate them into the “free time” slots. Stick to that plan for one week!

Comment below and tell me what you picked and how it impacted your week. Was it easy to implement these ideas? What were your obstacles? I would love to hear what you do!

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