Untraditionally Fit? Fitness Adventures For Every Personality

I love being in the health and wellness industry.  Not only do I love to see my clients and all the fitness enthusiasts around me get healthy and change their lives, but it also opens me up to amazing fitness adventures and ways to not only achieve a health goal but also to have a blast doing it.  I mean, that is what “working out” is all about.  To feel good about what you are gaining and have fun while you are doing it.  But, in my experience, I have often seen that many people do not have as much fun getting healthy as they should.  Why?  There is an unspoken standard that seems to hover over the gym and fitness magazines and health webpages.  That unspoken standard is very traditional and very boxed in.  It emphasizes traditional exercises, such as bench presses and dumbbell bicep curls and leg extension machines, and overlooks the importance of stepping outside your box and challenging your body, and muscles, in all new functional ways.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely believe in “the basics” and I teach and train with them, but there is so much more to add on and branch out with.  Plus, my health enthusiasts, isn’t it just frigging boring going to the gym day in and day out and walking on the treadmill for said amount of time and then lifting the same weights to work on the same muscles to build the same superficial strength? Can I get a “Hell Yeah?”  So, this blog is dedicated to the activities and sports and fitness adventures that will break the restraints and let you discover how amazingly fun and rewarding and balancing working out can be.

Untraditional Ways To “Work Outside The Box”:

  1. Ziplining. Ziplining works your body while pumping up your adrenaline.  From working your abs and core (the higher you lift your legs, the more of an ab workout you get) to using your arms, back, and core to control your speed, you will feel your body getting toned as your zip and sore through the tree tops.  Plus, it is an amazing view!
  2. Hiking. Hiking is an amazing full body workout!  Not only are you working your entire lower body, but you need to engage your core and torso, all while pumping your arms and giving those shoulders a workout.  Not only do you get your physical exercise, but hiking in nature exercises your mental and emotional well-being. Just being in nature is a huge stress reliever.  Check out your local hiking trails for detailed maps and degrees of difficulty for each hiking trail.
  3. Kayaking. If you’ve ever tried out the rowing machine at the gym, you know rowing is a great key exercise to a strong, shapely back. You may be cooling off with the splash of the water, but your body will sure prove to be a fat-burning furnace.
  4. Rock Climbing. Rock every muscle with this extreme sport. Rock climbing improves your leg and arm strength, core stability, and your grip strength. It also enhances your awareness and problem solving skills. As a bonus, you can pick up the pace for a cardiovascular workout that will leave you huffing and puffing.
  5. Scuba Diving or Snorkeling. Swimmers have amazing bodies for a reason.  Snorkeling and scuba diving allow you to work those muscles that keep swimmers slim and trim, all while allowing you to reap the benefit of surrounding yourself with beautiful fish and underwater plants.  Who could ask for more?
  6. Mountain Biking. Interval training is where it’s at. With trails that frequently change from incline to decline to all around the mountain, you are sure to get your heart pumping. Mountain biking also gives you most of the same benefits as running, without all the knee-pounding.
  7. Skiing or Snowboarding. From the bunny slope to the more intense and advanced slopes, skiing or snowboarding engages muscles throughout your entire body, and works your legs and butt like crazy. They both help to enhance your core stabilization and, since it is a prolonged activity, you will feel an amazing muscle burn, for sure! Are you ready to book that ski trip to Colorado yet?
  8. Skyzone. For all of my readers from the Lancaster County area, here is a local recommendation.  And, if you are not from the area, look around your area to see if you can find a place like Skyzone.  Skyzone is a trampoline “gym.” Go there to engage your senses in being a kid again.  From jumping on the regular trampolines to the trampoline-foam pit to the basketball slam dunk trampoline to the trampoline dodge ball games, you are sure to have a great time while getting in a killer workout.  Just one-half hour will leave you sweating.
  9. Whitewater rafting. Whitewater rafting has a lot of the same benefits as kayaking, but with a bit more intensity. Just trying to stay within the raft is a workout in and of itself!
  10. Mud Runs and Obstacle Courses. Obstacle courses and mud runs take your combination of cardiovascular fitness and functional training to the next level.  By combining the two, you create an exciting and challenging way to kick your fitness up a notch and push each muscle in your body, changing what you believe that you can do.  You can partake in events such as the Tough Mudders, Warrior Dashes, or Spartan Races.  For a list of challengeing events all across the United States in 2014, check out this list!


Take action now! What fitness adventure or workout change can you make or schedule right now?  Is there a sport that always intrigued you but you have been apprehensive to get yourself involved in? What is that sport or that fitness adventure and research it.  Get your calender and set  a start date to either try your new workout routine or to schedule an active vacation where you can branch out and experience life!

Comment below and tell me what your workout looks like now and how you plan on changing it.  Do you already have something scheduled on your calender or did you recently find yourself in this transformation?  If so, I want to hear all about it! Live life with passion and purpose…

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