Transforming Your Life, One Breath At A Time!

I am really excited about today’s blog! It is my #1 go-to essential tip for creating whole-health and it is a topic that I am really passionate about teaching to each one of my clients that I work one-on-one with. This is a topic that flies so far under the radar in regards to good health and creating a body ready to handle any kind of stress that is thrown at it…including physical stress from exercise. By mastering this simple technique, you can change your workout results from flab to fab and allow your body to more efficiently build strong, lean muscle tissue with less likeliness of hiding it under water retention (bloating) and fat deposits from stress and raised cortisol levels. What exactly is this technique? It is called deep belly breathing. By incorporating it into your daily life and into your exercise routine, you can transform your stress levels instantaneously!

So, I have one question for you today. Are you a chest breather or a deep belly breather? Not sure? Watch the video below and find out now!

Transforming Your Life, One Breath At  A Time


Take action now! I want you to incorporate this breathing technique at least 3 times a day for the next week and focus on belly breathing and mindfulness as you practice. Feel the difference. I would love for you to comment below or email me through my website, facebook, or twitter and tell me all about your experiences regarding this blog and if you have noticed a difference in your overall stress levels, muscle tension, and physical/mental well-being.

Are you already incorporating belly breathing into your daily life? I want to hear all about it! Live your life with passion and purpose…

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