Intention (Goal)-Setting For Inspiration, Creation, And Success!

Happy New Year’s everyone! This is the classic day in which we all set out on setting our good intentions for the new year by thinking and dreaming about what we hope for the new year to bring and what we want to change within ourselves or within our immediate surroundings. I have chatted with some folks this year about what good intentions they are looking to set and I have come back with mixed reviews! Some tell me that they are not setting New Years intentions because they NEVER complete them and others tell me that it is a waste of their time because they NEVER can accomplish what they really want to do. Yet, I still have a few acquaintances that tell me they will jot a few ideas down and work towards them, but..hey, if the intentions get completed, then great, and if not, no big deal… “There is always next year!” Hogwash, I say! My friends, this is what I have discovered about intention-setting and working towards fulfilling your dreams:

1. There is no better time than the present. Sure, tomorrow will always be there (or will it?) and so will the stress of not working towards your goals and your true heart’s desires. When we don’t live out our truest being, our energy halts and becomes bound up inside of us, causing stress and depression and anxiety and fear. The best time to start an intention is right now…right here…right away. The hardest part about getting started is getting started! Take the plunge and go for your dreams today.

2. If you think you are going to fail, you probably will. Intentions and goals are set, but they originate in your mind’s eye. If you continuously convince and guide your thoughts and your mind towards failure, you will succeed nowhere past those set limitations. How far are your thoughts allowing your intentions to succeed?

3. An intention needs to be written and spoken and proclaimed. When we write our intentions down physically, they are more likely to be followed through. Writing intentions are like a contract with ourselves. When we write our intentions AND tell everyone we know about them, we start to hold ourselves more accountable to following through. Positive social pressure and influence can be an amazingly positive tool to creating our own success.

4. Without written intentions, our life will never truly be as prosperous as we hope it to be. Intention-setting is so very important and should not be something we take lightly. Remember, what you set your thoughts on continually and truly becomes your reality. If you start off your day or week or month with no plan or roadmap to get you where you want to be, how do you expect to cross the finish line or even reap the benefits of inner change and accomplishment? A roadmap is an important tool when driving to help guide you when you are lost. Intention-setting is your roadmap to finding your way through life!

5. Start attainable. I have made this mistake over and over again…I set myself up for failure because I take on too much at once. But I am learning! Start with 3-5 solid and detailed intentions that you feel good about and that excites you. This is important…they must excite you! I mean, who the hell wants to do something that feels like a chore? You will get demotivated very quickly.

6. And here is probably the most important learned lesson of all: when choosing your intentions, make sure that you choose at least one to improve yourself (health, wellness, etc), one to improve your immediate surroundings ( physical space, financially, relationships, home life,etc ), one to improve your soul (gratitude, positivity, etc) and..ready…one to give back to the world around you or someone you love. When you learn to give and love and VALUE the people around you, you start to appreciate life more and become more serious about completing your own personal goals. If you choose to do 3 intentions, try to combine these 4 concepts together.

See, a good intention is just that…an intention. And, it only creates form and breathes life when action steps are taken towards solidifying a good intention with a concrete plan to kick it into high gear. Write your intentions for 2015! Here is a written contract for you to follow and a way to put pen to paper and start creating the life and health you want!


Behavior Contract


Take action now! Either today or tomorrow (or even within the next week), I want you to sit down and write your intentions. Spend some time really thinking through them and creating a plan that excites you. What are your health and fitness goals and how are you planning on starting them? I want you to comment below or email me through my website, facebook, or twitter and tell me all about your goals and how you intend them to create an awesome 2015.

Have you already written your intentions for 2015? I want to hear all about it! Live your life with passion and purpose…

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