10 Ways To Instant Confidence And Boosted Energy

We have all been in those situations where we feel an overwhelming sense of lack – lack of energy or self-esteem or confidence. Maybe it took you out of your game or made you cower in the corner instead of engaging in life. Maybe it gave you a failing grade on that presentation you had to give in school. Whatever your experience was, it would have been helpful to have some quick tips to boost your confidence and energy instantly so that you could get through your situation with ease. When I was a teenager, I remember observing so many of the “older folks” around me. They were out of shape and hunched over and complained about the woes of getting older and out of shape. Wow! I remember thinking that I don’t want to be like that when I got older. I wanted to stand tall and be healthy and feel comfortable in my own skin. So, I started to change my habits with my posture. I stood tall with my shoulders down and back and kept my gaze at eye level. I started to look others in the eyes when I engaged in conversation (only because I read somewhere that was “a respectful” habit). At the time, I didn’t realize what was happening. It was years later, when I started to really connect my mind to body that I noticed how my habits would instantly make me feel. Point blank – when I slouched, I felt small, insignificant, and sluggish. When I stood tall, planted a smile on my face, and softened my eyes, I felt self-assured with less stress and more energy. What a difference something seemingly insignificant could do to a person! Here are my top tried and true tactics to instantly gain confidence and boost energy. These are what I use; How can they help you?

  1. Stand up tall. Slouching is an instant indication of low self-confidence and low energy. When you stand tall, your body is better aligned and allows your internal energy to flow more effectively, your muscles to elongate, and your cardiovascular and pulmonary systems to operate more efficiently. There is an increase in blood and oxygen distribution throughout the body, causing an rise in energy and skin color (aka “a healthy glow). What are the key points? Stand tall with shoulders back and down, keep your head up with natural and inviting eye contact, and keep your belly button pulled in towards your spine. You may even feel an instant boost of energy!
  2. Smile more often. Smiles are inviting and contagious. Keep a natural and relaxed smile on your face to let the world know that you are at ease and comfortable within your own skin. Maintaining that genuine smile for even a few minutes at a time can instantly lift your mood and bring you a sense of inner joy that can transform your entire spirit.
  3. Find the humor in even the most negative situations. Negative situations and people are inevitably going to float in and out of our daily lives, but we don’t have to allow ourselves to succumb to their mindsets. By remaining more positive and laughing over the silly happenstances in life, we create a sense of increased inner positivity that radiates and shines outwardly. Even the most tragic of occurrences have a hidden silver lining or a piece that can make you smile. Search out the humor and allow yourself to laugh your way to confidence and energy.
  4. Suck in that belly. Pulling your abdominal muscles in towards your spine is an instant posture fixer (See #1). Yes, automatically you stand more erect, but you are also getting a bonus ab workout with that sustained contraction of the transverse abdominal muscle!
  5. Slow it down. When you are unsure of yourself or start to get nervous, your voice tends to speed up and increase in octaves. This is a sure sign that you are not sure of yourself or what you are speaking about. The increased nervousness and speed are also paths to depleting your mental and physical energy. This doesn’t just pertain to speech. Think of those times when you are really nervous – maybe you tap your foot or pick at your fingers or can’t stop playing with your hair. Not only does this scream that you are nervous, but it can be incredibly draining too.
  6. Maintain eye contact when speaking. Eye contact is probably the single most important body language in our Western culture society. We tend to use our eyes to convey attentiveness, trust, interest, authority, strength, power, etc. Natural and direct eye contact during conversations says a lot about what you think of yourself. Natural means looking at a person without staring and direct means avoiding excessive eye movement, which can convey insecurity and/or distraction.
  7. Get out of your head and get into being mindful. When you pay attention to your surroundings and allow yourself to mentally be involved in the here and now, you can gain a lot of energy, balance, and grounding within yourself. The more you center and ground your inner core being, the more you become confident of just “being in the moment.” Plus, when you allow yourself to engage in the moment, you appear interested and more invested in the environment around you.
  8. Dress in what makes you feel at your best. Ever notice how your outfit can make or break your mood? Donning clothes that make you feel empowered and sure of yourself can instantly increase your mood and energy. When clothing and/or accessories fit well and make you feel comfortable, you automatically stand a little taller, walk with a more confident stride, and can ease into your social situations. Remember, colors and patterns make a difference too. Even if that shirt fits amazing, if you despise the color or it just washes your skin tone out, that shirt can lower your mood.
  9. Eat a healthy meal or snack and drink plenty of water. A high quality meal or snack that will provide energy and that will fuel your body healthfully might be exactly what you need to increase your mood. If you eat a high energy, clean green salad with some lean meat for lunch, chances are that you will not hit that sugar and carb crash in the afternoon like you would if you had a soda and a slice of pizza. High-sugar and processed foods cause increased physical stress, inflammation, digestive issues, lower mental functioning, moodiness, and deplete your energy. That doesn’t sound so exciting to me. As for water, remember that your body needs to wash away the toxins and needs lubrication for all your organs to function properly. Drink 8-12 glasses of water a day, depending on your activity level.
  10. Go for a brisk walk. Nothing perks up your energy, and your confidence, like a brisk walk (or a revitalizing workout). The body is made to move and your spirit requires physical movement and flow for internal balance and harmony. Not to mention, exercise releases endorphins, which are those feel good hormones that can instantly boost your confidence and decrease your stress levels.


Take action now! How can you incorporate these tips and tactics to help you boost your confidence and energy? Pick at least 2-3 of these tips and incorporate them today to see how they can change your mood. Make it fun and recruit a partner to do this with you, then, at the end of the day, compare notes and see what your partner experienced in comparison to your own experiences. I want you to comment below or email me through my website, Facebook, or Twitter and tell me all about what you did.

Are you currently working on boosting your energy and your confidence? What are you doing to change your life? I want to hear all about it! Live your life with passion and purpose…

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