An EFFECTIVE Lower Body Workout For Lean Muscle (Minimal Equipment Required)

I love leg day. Powerful, strong, supported, balanced, lean, muscular – these are just some of the words that I feel during leg day. I am continuously on the go and I need some strong legs to keep me in the game of life. I also want my legs and my backside to be lean and look good, no matter what I am wearing…or not wearing! So, I opt for a program that is comprehensive and challenging. I mean, unless you are training for something specific, who really wants to follow a program that is lackluster and leaves your muscles imbalanced and begging for more. Answer the questions below. If you can answer yes to any of them, you want to start following this program today!

  • Are you bored with your lower body training?
  • Have you been performing the same lower body exercises for over 6 weeks?
  • Have you recently been injured or do you continuously get reinjured?
  • Are you still feeling flabby or out of shape in your lower body, regardless of how long you have been working out?
  • Do you need a workout that is easy and convenient and that you can do while on the go?
  • Do you need a workout that requires minimal equipment?

Not all lower body workouts are created equal. For strong and supported joints, a lean and defined lower body, and tightening up of those stubborn spots, try this super effective strength training program below!

  1. Ball bridge with hamstring curl:     
  2. Split squats:    
  3. Side lunge and/or regular lunges:    
  4. Front step ups:    
  5. Banded sidesteps:    
  6. Physioball knee tucks:    
  7. Single leg calf raises:    
  8. Goblet squat:    

What do you need?

  • Physioball
  • A dumbbell, kettlebell, or anything around the house that gives you the resistance you need to make the exercises challenging.
  • Resistance band
  • Step or chair

Your prescription? 

Perform 2-3 sets of 10-15 reps for each exercise,1-2 times per week (I would aim for 2 to achieve better results!).


Take action now! Get started on this program today. Do a practice run of each of the exercises to make sure that you know how to perform the exercises safely and then set yourself up so that when you are ready to workout, you have everything you need. I want you to comment below or email me through my website, Facebook, or Twitter and tell me all about what you did.

Are you currently performing a lower body workout that is getting you amazing results? What are you doing and what are you noticing? I want to hear all about it! Live your life with passion and purpose…

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