How Do I Stay Healthy When I Am So Busy?

Sculpt And Create

Proper nutrition and fueling of the body is essential to energy levels, mental clarity,
decreased stress and anxiety, and physical health, just to name a few. In times of stress and obligations, proper nutrition appears to be more of a hassle and more time that has to be spent on planning, but, in the long run and with consistency, you will benefit greatly from proper nutritional planning.

Cut down on junk food, alcohol, and eating out. Even if the training advice above is followed with maximum effort and focus, there will be no substantial gains if fatty food and alcohol are consumed in excess. The first and easiest way to modify body composition and increase mental and emotional health is to eliminate soft drinks, high fructose juice drinks, increased amounts of alcohol, and processed “junk foods” from the diet.

Avoid late night binges. Eating late at night increases weight…

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