The Importance Of Stretching

Physical Training For Every Body

So, it is time to hit the gym, right?  You pound out a few miles on the treadmill.  You weight lift your way through a series of exercises.  For most, this is a typical gym routine, however, stretching often gets overlooked.  As you age, your muscles begin to tighten and range of motion in the joints can be minimized. Not only can this put a damper on an active lifestyle, but it can also decrease your day-to-day quality of life.  A regular stretching program can help lengthen your muscles and make daily living activities easier.

Muscles contract and flex throughout cardiovascular and weight-training exercises, however, they do not place the muscle in a state of continual lengthening.  This is exactly why stretching is vital to any wellness program.  What else does stretching do for you and your body?

  • Reduced muscle tension
  • Increased range of movement in the joints
  • Enhanced muscular…

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