9 Books To Read Your Way Towards Whole Health

Inspiration and information to promote progress comes from so many various sources. Some people gravitate towards podcasts or lectures and others gravitate towards books and audio self-study. I prefer learning in a multitude of disciplines. Anything I can get my hands on that creates internal inspiration towards greatness helps to quench my thirst for learning. I have personally spent the last five years in complete transformation, working towards creating a whole health self by bringing mind, body, and spirit together as one. Some days it feels like pure bliss and other days it feels like pure hell. But, life and your health is a journey, not a destination. We are ever-changing beings and that means the rules of the game can change at any point. So, what can you get your hands on to help you learn and help you enhance your ever changing being? This blog today is all about inspiration. I decided to share my best kept secrets and the sources of information that continue to help me grow emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I hope that these resources can help you grow as much as they have helped me and, in the meantime, if you need extra help and support and education to successfully get you on the right track, contact me at tansynr@gmail.com or check out my website at tansyrodgers.com to take advantage of my health coaching services!

  1. Warrior Goddess Training:HeatherAsh Amara is a vibrant, positive, inspirational, deep- spirited woman who promotes the empowerment of women and how she can be transformed mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This book is an absolute gem to bring a woman into her own and heal from deep within by learning confidence and slashing away the “old stories and agreements” that confine us to fear. This is my go to book any day of the week!warrior
  2. The Dark Side Of Fat Loss:Sean Croxton is the perfect combination of knowledge, enthusiasm, and humor. This digital book is incredibly comprehensive and backs up his information with research and studies. He breaks down the areas of health that we never really think about it and lays it all out in a very straightforward and light-hearted fashion. An essential piece of my current library.                                                            DarkSide
  3. Make Every Man Want You:The title is absolutely deceiving! Marie Forleo created this book of positivity, sass, and an abundance of tips and rationalizations to help you create a more solid and balanced inner self. This book should really be titled “Make Every Person Fall In Love With How Incredible You Are!” I have read this numerous times and continue to return for more.                                                                                          marie
  4. Celestine Prophecy:James Redfield created this fictional book (and actually the first of a complete series) to take the reader on a spiritual journey towards awakening and opening up the reader’s mind to possibilities that will enhance your daily life experience. It teaches about intuition, source connection, synchronicity, energy flow, and how to recognize life’s opportunities all through telling a story of adventure and possibility. I couldn’t put this inspirational book down!                                                                                                                   celestine
  5. WomanCode:Alisa Vitti is the creator of FLOliving and specializes in hormone balancing and woman’s issues. If you are struggling with hormone imbalances, getting pregnant, feeling vibrant, or just painful and unpleasant menstrual cycles, this book is for you.                                                                                           9780062130778-l
  6. Thrive:Brendan Brazier is the author of Thrive and the creator of the plant-based supplement line, Vega. Brazier is a vegan professional athlete that has done Ironmans and triathlons, just to name a few. This book is a great book to explain nutrition, how to use it to enhance your workouts and performance, and is chocked full of delicious recipes that are vegan and vegetarian friendly.                                                                       thrive
  7. Prescription For Nutritional Healing: This is my go-to reference book for any ailment A-Z. Not only is it quite comprehensive in ailments, but it also refers to healing through various modalities and disciplines, such as aromatherapy, nutrition, supplementation, exercise, etc. Excellent book!               nutrtional
  8. The Four Agreements: Written by Don Miguel Ruiz, this book focuses on the four main areas of focus to help bring us towards personal freedom by helping us to release old agreements and beliefs that have been accepted as inner truths but ultimately holding us back from thriving and living an amazing life. This book is so inspirational and solid and definitely worth a read.                                                                                                four
  9. The Pilates Body: Brooke Siler puts together a comprehensive, easy to follow, and very well directed book on navigating yourself through a Pilates workout. Pilates is a practice that creates a solid foundation for core strength and functional mobility!                                                                                                        pilates

So, what is your form of learning and self-progression? What media do you prefer? If books are on that list, then you are in luck. I am so excited that I could share my top books for nutritional, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. They are definitely worth a read. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


Take action now! What form of learning do you prefer? Do any of these books sound interesting to you? Get out there and spend a day at your local library or at the bookstore and see how you can bring these books into your personal transformational journey.

Do you have a favorite book or podcast or website or CD that helps you grow in any areas of health? If so, I want to hear all about it! Live your life with passion and purpose…

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