5 Of My Favorite Blogs For The Best Holiday Yet

Over the past few years, I have blissfully enjoyed writing this blog. Not only does it allow me to share tips, facts, and valuable information with the world, but to also helps each and everyone of you in your personal pursuit to better your own life AND takes some of the confusion out being healthy. I decided to take a few moments and look back at where we started on this blog journey and where we are right now. As the holiday season approaches, I thought it would be incredible to reshare some of my favorite blogs that encompass all the obstacles and worries of maintaining optimal personal health. We all get bogged down and stressed out. That seems to be synomous with this time of year. But I am here to shout from the mountain tops, “NO MORE” because there is a way to slow down and enjoy while still getting more done. Let me show you how…

Before we get to that, gratitude and thankfulness are the reasons for the season, so I want to express mine to you. I am so grateful for each and every one of you and so thankful that you have become a part of my healthy world and allowed me to guide you along your own personal transformation. Most of all, I am incredibly grateful that you have made the choice to live life to the fullest and are in the process of becoming the best, most amazing version of your self!

So, here are my top 5 favorite blogs that will guide you through the holiday season with ease and that will allow you plenty of time to spend engaging in what is most important during this season: gratitude, love, and all around health!

nutritionteachHealthy Eating For A Delicious Holiday:

“Every holiday season, it returns. I can expect it. It becomes more evident than the last that there is an immense struggle within the people that surround me. I hear the same chitter-chatter over the dessert table, at holiday parties, in the work lunch rooms, and in the gym locker room… Excuses as to why one can not say NO! to the piles of processed, white sugar-laden, trans-fat containing “foods.” In reality, they are not food, REAL food that is. So, why are they so tempting and why do our bodies crave them and what the heck can we do to NOT fall into the same holiday trap of overeating these unhealthy “treats” and feeling physically and mentally subpar? Let’s face it…we all fall victim from time to time, however, if armed with the right tools and a positive attitude, even Cookie Monster could get through the holidays without drowning himself in sugar and fat.” Click here to learn more, get some easy and effective tips, AND get your hands on two delicious and easy recipes for the holiday season!

photo 1(de)Stress: How To Meditate For A Sound Mind, Sound Body

“I spent a long time really questioning the importance and effectiveness of meditation. To me, it seemed like a waste of my time. For 15 plus years, I would read repeatedly that mediation was soothing and boosted health and was “essential” for a sound mind-body connection. But, what I couldn’t truly understand was how I could boost my health by just sitting cross-legged for said amount of time, chanting “Om,” and “clearing” my mind. Clearing my mind? These people had to be crazy! I didn’t feel that fitting even 5 or 10 minutes of meditation time into my already hectic schedule was worth the hassle and, honestly, I didn’t think that I could “clear my mind” even if my life depended on it. My mind would wonder through my to-do list and then it would jump to some world problem (or my world problem) that I had to solve and then..wait..what the heck was that sound..I better go check it out…” Click here to learn more, discover how meditation can change you physically and emotionally for the rest of your life, and a few very simple and effective and quick tips for anybody to start today!

photo 225 Minutes To A Lean, Mean Body

“Long lost are the days of spending hours at the gym to get the results of a leaner, tighter, more fit body. It has become more widely known and advocated by health professionals that over-conditioning and over-training can be harmful to the body by increasing internal stress, decreasing brain function, increasing potential for injury, increasing swelling in the joints, and actually causing that valuable muscle tissue to atrophy and breakdown…just to name a few. Just as nutrition is vital for results, so is proper training techniques and listening to what your body needs. When your body is fatigued, sore, swollen, and/or injured, spending 90-minutes of a grueling workout is probably not in your best interest. Honestly, unless you are training for a specific sport or event, a 90-minute workout is just a waste of time.” Click here to learn more, get a no hassle and equipment free strength program that you can do in the comfort of your own home, and discover why circuit training rules the roost!

me_ODDesseyIntention (Goal)-Setting For Inspiration, Creation, And Success!

“Happy New Year’s everyone! This is the classic day in which we all set out on setting our good intentions for the new year by thinking and dreaming about what we hope for the new year to bring and what we want to change within ourselves or within our immediate surroundings. I have chatted with some folks this year about what good intentions they are looking to set and I have come back with mixed reviews! Some tell me that they are not setting New Years intentions because they NEVER complete them and others tell me that it is a waste of their time because they NEVER can accomplish what they really want to do. Yet, I still have a few acquaintances that tell me they will jot a few ideas down and work towards them, but..hey, if the intentions get completed, then great, and if not, no big deal… “There is always next year!” Hogwash, I say! My friends, this is what I have discovered about intention-setting and working towards fulfilling your dreams”- Click here to learn more, discover my 6 “ah-hahs” on how to live out your deepest dreams, and some quick worksheets to get you organized and started on your path towards success!

silhouette-meGet Real! Questions from you to me

This blog post was on a very emotional and deep-hearted question I got from one of my clients (and many more indirectly) on how to stay on task while busy and feeling overwhelmed. Perfect for the holiday season! “I know I should be exercising more. I really WANT to exercise more! I just have no extra time. I have to get the kids up in the morning and then I have to get ready for work. As soon as I get home from work, dinner needs to be made. I mean, really, how can I possibly be expected to spend an hour at the gym? I know you are going to say that I have time in the evening, right? I hardly have any energy by the end of the day. I am truly exhausted and not sure how I can rummage up the energy to workout, let alone even get to the gym. One of my goals has been to lose 15 lbs, but I feel like a failure because I can’t get my butt moving. Every new year, I vow that I will stay on track and get healthy and every year it gets pushed off. There is always tomorrow, right? What can I do?” Click here to learn more and discover my top 3 tactics to fit more exercise into a busy schedule AND commit to it!4


Take action now! Read the blogs above and map out how you can truly enjoy this season and make it stress-free, easy-breezy, and full of gratitude and love.

Do you have a “go-to plan” or a a few tips that help you get through the holidays effortlessly? I want to hear all about it! Live your life with passion and purpose…

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