Get A Plan, Get A Life

As the year comes to an end, there is that inevitable hum in the air from the wave of excitement for what the new year may bring. This year closes, a new year begins, and high hopes of achieving your truest desires comes to the forefront of most people’s conscious. How much weight do I want to lose? How much money do I want to make? What new trips will I take? How will I enhance my life and make the new year the best new year yet? And then, like a shot out of the dark, the doubt and fears of you holding true to your new self-proclaimed vows pop into your head. Will I continue to use my new gym membership past February? How will I ever make money when I still work at the same job for the same salary? I don’t have money to go anywhere this new year! My life is way to busy for me to pick up any new hobby!

Do any of these doubts or fears resonate with you? Do you have some of your own that continue to pop into your head every January 1st? I bet you do!

We all have those doubts and fears and we all question from time to time. So, what is the difference between the person that achieves their goals and the person that is left hanging in the wind year after year? The answer is very simple and it is three-fold.


“The person that succeeds truly believes that she is the master of her universe. She creates her world.”      

~Tansy Rodgers


   The person that succeeds:

  1. Envisions the goals in detail with true belief of succeeding. There is no questioning because it is going to happen.
  2. Makes a concrete, detailed plan
  3. Follows the plan through with tenacity

Make a plan, get a life!

Life is a journey and without a plan on how to get where we want, it is like driving on a back road with your headlights off, no map, and no road signs to be seen. It is scary and dark and you have no idea what might pop out at you along the way. Easily you can get lost and end up stuck in a ditch somewhere. Spinning your wheels and wondering how you will get back onto the road. Well, isn’t life like that sometimes when we don’t have a plan? How many times have you ended up stuck, spinning your wheels, and wondering how you were going to get back on track towards your goals? To achieve anything of greatness, you need a road map. Sure, you want to lose 5 lbs and you can do so easily in a week or two by watching what you eat. Doable for almost anyone. But, would you rather temporarily lose 5 lbs to temporarily feel good that you lost the 5 lbs OR would you rather learn proper eating and living habits to feel less stress, heal your body from the inside, AND lose those 5 lbs for good? That is the difference between going blindly towards a goal and having a roadmap- a temporary fix or a permanent, lasting vacation!

Having a plan for the new year is not the only vital step. Like I said above, it is three-fold. First, you need to envision what you want. You need to envision in your mind’s eye exactly what you want and with as much detail as possible. And, with each vision, feeling the joy and completeness that achieving that goal will bring to you. If you wanted to lose weight and you began to picture yourself healthier and more vibrant, you could ask yourself these questions to bring more detail to your envisioned goal:

  • How much weight specifically do you want to lose?
  • What is your target weight and will it be healthy for you?
  • What new clothing will you buy?
  • What exercises or activities will you be doing?
  • What emotions will it create?
  • How will it change your confidence levels?
  • Who will be supporting you along the way?

It only takes a few minutes a day to dream and visualize and all of these are great details to bring your goal and your vision to life!

Now that you have detailed visions and you are feeling the immense joy of how that will change your life, the next step is to make a plan. There are a thousand ways to make a plan. You can jot it down, use a graph, excel it out, draw it in sidewalk chalk, sing it in a recording, or scream it out loud every morning. What I found works quite well is a combination of pictures and words. See, the brain loves pictures because pictures create visions and the visions help us grow our mind’s eye stronger. Writing down the details in bite-sized chunks helps to eliminate stress from completing the goal and easily brings it within reach. So, what do I mean by this? Check it out…

Riding the vision board towards success: The 5 Steps



You can either pick one or many goals that you want to accomplish for the new year. Pick them and start to visualize what they would look like and how you would want them to happen in your life.




Gather a bunch of old magazines or start googling and find some images that represent what you want to accomplish in the new year. For example, I want to take an art class. So, on my vision board, I have a picture of an inspiring art studio that motivates me to want to take an art class.



Next, you are going to make sure that you have a sturdy board that is about 30 x 20 (or so), some glue, a pair of scissors, and a permanent marker.




As you begin to create your vision board, you can choose to dedicate a single board to one goal or you can put many goals onto it. If you do one goal, you will put that picture at the top of your board and then cut out various pictures of small steps you can take throughout the year to get you closer to achieving the “big picture” goal. If you do multiple goals, I would suggest creating a collage of pictures that represent your single goals. On each picture, I want you to write what the goal is that you want to accomplish on the top of the picture. Seeing a picture and saying the word that describes it brings it into reality.

stay focused quote


After you paste all the pictures onto the board and the board “feels right and complete” to you, place it in a location that you will see it everyday. This is vital because when it is out of sight, it is out of mind. We need to create consistency and routine. Inundate your day with your goals.

The final step is to follow through with consistency and tenacity. Now, you need to create a routine. Mornings are typically best for this step because it is typically free from your daily distractions and it helps to greatly set the mood for the day. Your mind is best able to absorb new skills. When you start your day off listening to the news, diving into your emails, or jumping onto social media, studies have shown that that creates an inner landscape of stress and anxiety. You want to get your news and emails in during morning hours? No problem, just make sure that you create your day with your vision board and your daily plan first! Honor yourself. It helps to set a mood of peace, excitement, creativity, wonder, and forward-thinking. Every morning, create a routine of sitting with your vision board for at least 10-15 minutes and write down in a journal of one step that you can take to get you closer to your goal. If your board has only one “big picture” goal with many small steps to support it, then you will want to pick one action step you can do that day to bring you closer to accomplishing that small step. If your board is filled with many goals, then you will want to pick one step that you can take that day for working towards 2-3 goals. While writing these goals, make sure that you are visualizing yourself accomplishing your new goals. Feel the excitement of accomplishing that goal and allow yourself to be totally sucked in by the energy you are creating.


Remember, you are the creator of your own universe and when you stand up to face your fears and grab your New Year’s goals by the reigns, incredible things start to form and you finally become the master of creating the BEST NEW YEAR EVER!


Take action now! Become the creator of your world and make this New Year all about living out your dreams well past February. Get working on your vision board and have it ready to go by January 1st. Make a plan, get a life! If you find yourself stuck and need some guidance, check out my health coaching packages at

Do you already create vision boards? What does your board look like? How will you enhance it for the new year? I want to hear all about it! Live your life with passion and purpose…

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