7 Tips On How To Build Your Self-Confidence In Your Workouts Part 7 of 8: Stabilizing Your Moods Through Movement

How many times have you skipped a workout or decided vegging out on the couch was a better option because your mood went from inspired to unmotivated (or any other negative feeling) faster than it takes you to realize? Be honest. How often have you skipped getting active because you just felt like crap.

It happens to all of us!

Maybe you had a bad day at work. Maybe your kids’ whining got under your skin. Maybe you felt puffy around the waist and your self-confidence dropped, leaving your feeling unattractive and not sexy. Whatever it is, you need a surefire way to change your mood and your motivation, even if it is just calming you down and allowing you to have a little more peace in your day.

Movement is king. It beats any cup of coffee if you want sustained energy spiked with a dose of pure self-confidence. I am not talking about a typical exercise definition. I am referring to pure movement. This can be exercise or it can be something much less planned and structured.


What’s the skinny on movement?

Movement affects the brain on multiple fronts- It increases heart rate, pumping more oxygen to the brain. It also aids the release of healing hormones, all which assist in providing a healing environment for the growth of brain cells. But, really, what does this mean for you and your self-confidence?

Movement positively stimulates and boosts the brain, which directly boosts your self-confidence. It helps memory and thinking through both direct and indirect ways.

Directly, movement benefits come from the reduction of insulin resistance, the decrease in inflammation, and the stimulation of releasing growth factors such as the health of brain cells and the brain’s blood vessels.

Indirectly, movement decreases stress and anxiety, a huge factor for improved self-confidence and feeling like a pure badass. It also improves mood and sleep and decreases cognitive impairment.  This is not only important for self-confidence building, but also for keeping your body safe during everyday activities and living life with adventure.

From a behavioral perspective, the same antidepressant-like effects associated with “runner’s high” found in humans is associated with a drop in stress hormones. It has also been shown that there is an association between the antidepressent effects of movement with a cell growth in the hippocampus, the area responsible for learning and memory. What does this mean for you?

This means better learning of body movements and new tasks while retaining instructions, a HUGE factor in increasing self-confidence in your structured workouts and gym routines. I mean, who wouldn’t feel like a rockstar in the gym when you have your routine mastered and you feel like you know what you are doing.


Let’s break it down…

I recommend getting 20-60 minutes of movement a day. Ok, before you start freaking out and saying that you just do not have 20-60 minutes in your day to add in movement, take a deep breath. Of course you have time!

Remember, this does not have to be organized exercise (but, it can be), it is merely movement. It should be, however, something that feels invigorating. That means slugging along aimlessly throughout the grocery store is not going to cut it, but a brisk walk through the hallways of the mall is perfect. Movement that will help to release the healing hormones and decrease your stress. You can choose anything that truly brings you happiness or that feels good on the body.


And, it does not have to be 20-60 minutes straight. It can be broken up throughout the day. Needs some ideas?

  • Go for a walk
  • Stretch it out
  • Do a yoga session
  • Dance in your living room to your favorite song
  • Calf raises and mini squats while standing in line
  • Exercises while on hold on the phone
  • Yard work
  • Play with your kids
  • Go for a brisk walk with a friend at your local mall or department store
  • Do a squat or lunge every time your have to pick an object or a toy up off the floor
  • Get intimate with your significant other

Getting in movement throughout your day is super easy and truly doable once you get set in a routine of what works for you. Get creative and do what feels right at the time.

It is truly one of the fastest ways to build up self-confidence in your actual established workout and it will help you gain more confidence if you are totally new to an exercise routine in the first place.


Some days, you will not feel like moving- That is normal! My advice to that?

If you are not sick or injured or sleeping, then fake it till you make it.

Because, it is the movement that increases your energy and motivates you to do more. Commit to at least 10 minutes of movement and, if you still feel like a slug, then rest yourself. But, if you feel a bit of energy and want to push on, then go for it and reap the benefits!

Between the combination of the brain benefits, the hormone releases, the increased energy, the decreasing of stress, and the increasing of physical strength and flexibility, you will be feeling hot to trot in no time!


Action Step:

Take action now! How can you put more movement into your day? What makes you excited or what do you enjoy? Where can you fit in movement that truly energizes you? Create a short list and keep it by you so that you can take advantage of those moments when they pop up. Now, share my “Shout And Share” with all your friends to help get them set up for success in their new habit!

Go to the comment section. Make a comment and let me know what you have struggled with, what you have tried, and what your action plan is. The best discussions start between like-minded friends! Share this with your friends and get more people in on the action.

Do you want to learn more? This was a just a snippet into how you can apply this to your own life. If you are craving more and need to make a change in your life right now (or even if you are scared and don’t know what to do), I am here to guide you in the right direction. Contact me at tansynr@tansyrodgers.com to learn more about what you can do to get you from where you are now to where you always dreamed you wanted to be!

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