5 Ways To Do Nothing And Pull A Muscle

Who ever thought that living was so dangerous?

Some say it is a sign of getting older and others say it is a sign that you are out of shape. Some say it is a part of being human. However you twist it in your mind, it hurts like hell and can be a rude awakener that your physical body is sending you a message.

As I walked through the kitchen to make some breakfast, I noticed that the coconut oil I needed to make my breakfast was sitting on a low cabinet. I stopped, turned, and went to pick it up when— BAM!— I pulled a muscle in my right hip flexors (the front of my hip) and I crumbled towards the ground like a wounded warrior falling in perceived defeat. What the hell just happened?

After gathering my composure and licking my wounded ego, I started to laugh to myself and think about all the jokes that fly around about hurting yourself while doing nothing. And, as funny as those jokes can be to laugh about, the reality is is that the physical body is trying to send you a message.


When you don’t listen to your physical body, it is going to send you a clear message, like it or not. Just like the one that I was sent and just like the ones that have been sent to me over the years, they are clear, or not so clear, messages of what you need to tune into.

These messages can be quick and easy or deep and more challenging. See, the body is ALWAYS talking to you and trying to guide you towards better health.

The body is not against you, despite popular belief otherwise.

Your body is truly your ally, but when you ignore it, it will let you know. And, the more you ignore it, the more loudly it may scream, “Hey sweetie, listen up.”

We are spiritual, emotional beings in a physical body. Ignoring that and how it affects your physical health can come across as “pulling a muscle while doing nothing.”


So, what are 5 things you may unconsciously be doing that are actually kicking your ass while sleeping or walking or even turning your head to say hi to your friend?

  1. Rush around mindlessly. Rushing around all willy nilly like and not paying attention to your body and your proprioception— the understanding of the relative positioning of your body in your environment— can cause you to hurt yourself. Rushing around and not always being tuned in physically is part of the human experience, and that is ok and will not necessarily cause issues. But, when you are chronically moving quickly and your movements are more erratic and the muscles are tight, the body is more open to sprains, strains, and injuries. Life doesn’t need to be slow. What fun would that be? The key point to remember here is that when we rush mindlessly, our stress levels increase and, when our stress levels increase, our physical body tightens up and becomes less limber and flexible. Tune in and slow down to stay on the fast track of your physical health.
  2. Be tight as a drum. Drums are meant to be tight, our muscles are not. Not stretching or staying flexible will increase your risk of pulling a muscle, increasing muscle spasms, and causing injuries. Yes, we all know that we should be stretching more and decreasing our tightness, but what many don’t know is that it can be directly related to injuries while doing seemingly nothing. So, get on a stretching program and do it daily! This is important to be able to move more quickly if you have to, make a sudden movement, or just twist and turn to participate in some of our favorite past-times and hobbies.
  3. Ignore your chronic aches and pains. Not tuning into your physical body to see where you chronically have pain is a key factor in kicking your own ass. Like I said before, your body communicates it’s needs to better it’s health. When we chronically push those messages aside, they get worse and will tend to attack later. For example, if you have chronic tight upper traps, shoulders, and a neck, but you only periodically stretch it or you push it by the wayside, your neck will be more likely to get hurt by doing seemingly unrelated everyday activities. Turning your head to say “hi” to your friend may be all it takes to pull a neck muscle or herniate a disc. Seemingly unrelated but actually totally related! Tune into your chronic pains and pay attention to them. Give them the healing that they need. It may be through stretching, strengthening, massage, decreasing stress and emotional hang-ups, or some other modality. The key is to give it what it needs when it needs it and consistently.
  4. Keep the right muscles weak. Not strengthening the right muscles will keep them weak and unbalanced. You may be a workout rockstar, but not focusing on the right areas for your chronic aches and pains AND not staying balanced in your overall musculature can cause you injury faster than you realize. If you have a chronically painful shoulder, then make sure that your workout program is strengthening your rotator cuff muscles, your deltoids, your upper back, your chest, your biceps, and your triceps. It is about the whole picture rather than just the isolated area. Keeping those muscles strong and balanced will set your body up to more likely support your daily movement and more compromising positions rather than break it down.
  5. Harbor your emotions. This is probably the hardest to understand in regards to how your emotions relate to your physical body health. Like I said before, we are spiritual and emotional being living in a physical body. We are energy. If our emotions are collecting within us and we are not acknowledging them, facing them, and then releasing them, that energy will collect and cause physical pain. A great example of this is Fibromyalgia. People who experience Fibromyalgia are more likely to also experience chronic depression, anxiety, stress, and other emotional challenges. By daily acknowledging our emotions and checking in with what we actually need to soothe and/or help us release negative emotions, we are automatically decreasing our stress and pent up energy. We are allowing our physical body to decrease in tightness and we are allowing the energy to flow more efficiently so our bodies physically move more efficiently.

We are so much more than our physical health! These random acts of humanness does not necessarily mean that we are getting older or are out of shape. It often means that we just need to tune in more and get real with what we have going on within us. We need to be more consistent and self-loving. More mindful and aware. More tuned into the idea that our human experience is mind, body, and spirit.
When we can do that, and start living in that mindset, pulling a muscle while sleeping or getting a sore thumb when changing the channel on the remote will lessen greatly. Truly then we will be a complete physical badass in life!

Action Step:

Take action now! What is your body trying to tell you? Where do you have the chronic aches and pains or points of weaknesses? Can you tune into your body and truly listen? Once you can do that and just identify your areas, that will catapult you a few steps forward to really target exactly what you need to in order to live life by design and not by default. See, when you live life by design, your energy and vitality increases, your physical age perception decreases, and your ability to live more of your life in the game skyrockets!

You got this!

Now, share my “Shout And Share” with all your friends to help get them set up for success in their new habit!

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