Fatigue and Heavy Eyes? 3 Herbs To Boost Your Energy And Vitality

Remember when you were a kid and it felt like energy was abundant. No matter how hard you played or how late you stayed up, it felt like energy flowed freely and the days were joyfully long. Oh, how I long for those days once again…

That is what I find myself thinking when I am in the middle of a long work day and my feet are dragging, closely followed by my heavy eyelids. Extra stress, responsibilities, and pushing self-care by the wayside can suck the energy and vitality right out of your physical being. This happens to all of us from time to time- that is a normal part of life. But, the true concern occurs when it becomes chronic and our energy and vitality are nothing but a distant memory.

Fatigue, heavy eyelids, stress, anger, frustration, depression, etc are all red flags that something is out of alignment and a refocusing on increasing your inner energy and vitality are super important if you want to break out of old patterns and stop feeling like a sluggish, hot mess.


Reality check- pure energy and vitality come from consistent self-care and implementing the tools and actions that will help you stabilize and make long life changes. The roller coaster of self-care is bogus and ultimately setting you up for failure. What truly does my head in is the “Band-Aid Approach.”

What is the “Band-Aid Approach?” This is when someone is constantly looking for a quick fix and ignoring the healing of the root causes. It is only by healing the root causes that you will truly have sustainable health that is filled with long-term vitality. Band-Aids are totally fine when you are in a bind and just need to “get over the hump,” but when they become your first choice all the time and you never really address the root cause, that will only be doing you a disservice in the your overall health and continue to suck your precious energy.

Nutrition is one of the very first places to start. Yes, I know. You are probably thinking, “I know I have to eat better and that food is important.” You probably have heard experts say over and over and over again all the tools and tricks to revamp your entire diet in order to get results. And, I agree. For true balance and inner harmony and abundant energy, your nutrition plan is essential. But, I do think that that can become overwhelming, scary, and cause failure. It is little baby steps that are applied consistently and slowly that, months down the road and after they are stacked on top of each other, show up as a solid and sustainable nutrition program. Now that is something I can support!

I find most value in incorporating tools into my life that can give me the quick fix while supplementing the healing of the root cause. That is what I want to share with you in this article. There are a bunch of herbs in nature that help with increasing energy and vitality. I have tried a bunch of them, but I have 3 favorites that I keep coming back to that has really helped me personally. I have used all 3 of these to manage while in the moment and, ultimately, to overcome in the long run. They truly heal in so many ways.


What are these 3 herbs that I love?


Maca comes from the Maca root and is considered a superfood all on it’s own. It is best known for increasing energy and mood, but under the surface, it is actually stabilizing your blood sugar and balancing your hormones. Maca is loaded with nutrients and vitamins, making all of this possible. But, it doesn’t stop there!

Maca has also been connected to boosting testosterone, increasing fertility for men and women, enhancing sexual health, and restoring mental health. You will really feel it’s effect if you prioritize and take maca powder first thing in the morning or before exercise.


Detoxing the body regularly creates abundant vitality, health, and energy. Oregano, especially oil of oregano is super powerful for just that. At one point, I discovered that I was dealing with Candida and part of my detox and treatment was the incorporation of oil of oregano. It was so powerful that I could feel the effects almost immediately.

When toxins and parasites build up in the body, it may present as achy muscles and joints, pain, and poor digestion. How energetic and full of vitality can you really feel when you got that going on? Oil of oregano is pumping with high levels of antioxidants which can truly boost the immune system, heal chronic conditions, rid the body of parasites, and improve digestion.

Remember, the better your digestion and the healthier your gut lining is, the more energy and vitality you will have. That is a truth bomb right there!


This is a powerful herb in Ayurvedic medicine. What originally brought me to using this herb was my stress and wanting to manage the stress I had. It is super powerful for stress management and increasing energy and, rightfully so.

Ashwagandha helps to regulate the adrenal glands and your thyroid, two important parts of your endocrine system that are directly related to your energy and vitality levels. The adrenal glands, when stressed, commonly cause fatigue, sluggishness, and weight gain. Ashwagandha helps to stabilize the adrenal gland hormones and allow the body to utilize the heck out of our natural energy.

When the thyroid is off kilter, energy levels can fluctuate throughout the day and extreme fatigue can take over. This powerful herb can help balance and provide normal levels of energy more evenly throughout the day. And, this is only the benefits on energy- Ashwagandha is powerfully linked to a handful of other health benefits!

Nature is healing- Tap into it!

Action Step:

Take action now! Are you struggling with energy and vitality and feel that you need an extra boost while still healing the root cause? If so, how can you add these herbs into your current nutrition plan to see if they work for you? Do some more research to discover various ways to use them and/or head out to your local health food store and pick up one or two to get started with.

You got this!

Now, share my “Shout And Share” with all your friends to help get them set up for success in their new habit!

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Do you want to learn more? This was a just a snippet into how you can apply this to your own life. If you are craving more and need to make a change in your life right now (or even if you are scared and don’t know what to do), I am here to guide you in the right direction. Contact me at tansynr@tansyrodgers.com to learn more about what you can do to get you from where you are now to where you always dreamed you wanted to be!

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