Bare The Belly- How To Embrace Courage To Do Anything Scary

I wore a belly shirt today.

Before I turned 35, I would never wear a belly shirt. Never ever. Nope.

My midsection was never bare unless I was either at the beach (aka a swimming suit), checking out my abs at home in front of my mirror after making sure no one was watching, or standing in the shower in all my naked glory. It didn’t matter if I was at my thinnest or at my heaviest- for real- I was super self-conscious of other’s judgement.

I thought I had good reason to be self-conscious. When I put on any kind of weight, it would go straight to my abdomen. My hormones would fluctuate and I would have massive bloating. Digestion was a nightmare and I always felt full and puffy. Not exactly stuff that creates massive amounts of sexy self-confidence in a gal.

Overtime, I learned how to depuff the puff and how to banish the bloat. I learned how to lose the weight I needed to make me ready to sport a mid-drift like a rockstar. But alas, I was still self-conscious. That didn’t change and I found myself covering up regardless, if not more.


Does this sound familiar for you? Do you feel depths of emotions that hold you back from enjoying the simple things in life?

I trained my brain to be ashamed. I trained my brain to be fearful and afraid of judgement. I trained my brain to not be proud of who I am, no matter what I perceived that I looked like.

And then a switch flipped- I realized that it was affecting my life way deeper than a superficial ab baring.

What I didn’t realize was how this was holding me back from taking risks and challenging myself to overcome other feats in my life.

I was so wrapped up in the appearance that I was forgetting to flex my mental muscle of living- to embrace the simple joys of life and let go of the fear and numbing emotions that were keeping me trapped in a self-conscious hell. I was forgetting that it wasn’t how my abs looked, it was how I felt by baring them- by having courage to take that chance and walking through the fear!

So, how do you take that step to dare push yourself through the fear and the self-consciousness and begin to retrain your brain for courage and success?

Just do it.

For real! Just do it and do it with a fire and an attitude of utter greatness. You do it with an attitude that you are badass. Embrace your fearless inner child and go for it. Suddenly, you are overcoming your fear and your self-consciousness.


It is the first 15-20 minutes that is the truly the hardest. It is that amount of time that you need to allow your fears to subside and allow yourself to begin creating a belief that you can do whatever it is that you are doing. Get past those first few minutes and you will be more likely to stick with whatever you are trying to achieve. The key is that you have to put one foot in front of the other and just freaking do it.

Time is on your side, baby! Commit to engaging fully and completely in that activity for at least 15-20 minutes and see how your brain begins to refocus. You have to be engaged fully and completely! If your attempts are only half-hearted, then so are the results.

This does not pertain to only your health goals- this pertains to ANY goal that you need courage to conquer. Every day we need some level of courage to conquer the little things in life. Most day-to-day humdrum probably seems super easy for you and that is merely because you have trained your brain to be able to conquer them. It is those obstacles that create an unknown- that create a fear within you. It is those obstacles that I am talking about here.

Just do it. Nike had it completely right and it is exactly why it became their famous slogan. When you take little steps into courage, those little steps open up great opportunities for massive inner growth.


I didn’t just wear it, I rocked that belly shirt today. Despite the fear of doing so and despite the fear of what my neighbors may have said behind closed doors, I did it. And after a few minutes, I discovered something I never truly embraced before. I discovered the incredible bliss of the cool breeze circle and glide across my bare abs. I discovered the warmth and muscular power that the sun penetrating my skin gave to me. I discovered an air of confidence and vitality that I never expected. I discovered a part of myself that was hibernating for way too long!

What about you? Want to go to the gym but you are afraid you are out of shape? Then, vow you will go for at least 20 minutes and then see what happens. Want to take a dance class but fearful that you will look clumsy? Then, commit to staying in the class for at least 20 minutes and notice how you get in that groove.

Everyday is a journey on your path of self-empowerment. You never arrive at the end, rather you continuously place stepping stones to your next phase in life.

Make your next stepping stone one of greatness and undeniable courage and get out there to live this magnificent life. Take that fitness class. Sign up for that race. Implement that meditation practice. Wear that belly shirt!

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