Self-Confidence is About More Than Being Skinny

Self-esteem and body image are directly related.

That is not a new concept for most of us and most of us have experienced the depth of this on a very intimate level.

When I was in my teenage years, I remember days of looking at myself in the mirror and despising what I saw. “I was fat.” “I was frumpy.” “I wasn’t like the skinny girls.”

For anyone who looked at me, they probably saw a very healthy, happy, laid-back young lady. But, on the inside, I felt so different. My mindset was definitely not aligned to high level of self-confidence.

As a natural introvert, I would hide in the depths of my insecurities and pretend that I was doing just fine. Pretend that I felt like how I looked to everyone else.

It was safe and it got me through for that time being.

I would yo-yo between losing weight and feeling amazing about myself and then gaining weight and feeling even worse than I did before.

It was totally out of control.

It took a very long time to overcome the pressures of society and the stories that I adopted as truths from those who heavily influenced me each and every day. And, one day, it clicked…

That everything I thought in regards to what I believed to be “health,” was only a fraction of the reality. It was more about your mindset, what you choose to let go of (or hold on to), and how you allow others to influence your thoughts and your beliefs.

After it all clicked and my eyes started to hone in on a different reality, my mindset changed.

My body began to truly heal and embody real health.

I am healthy.

And, for this, I am honored to have been a guest speaker on Lorna Poole’s Magnet For Love Podcast! In episode 186, I speak about how “Self- Confidence is About More Than Being Skinny.”

Click the picture below to listen to my words of advice and tips that helped me transform!

FFF Bootcamp Day 13

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