4 Ways To Successfully Decrease Pain And Inflammation

Having a desire to be healthy can greatly be hindered by pain and inflammation — causing us to pull away from healthy habits. Taking rests may be exactly the right prescription, especially if it is an acute injury, but what can you do about daily pain and inflammation so that you can continue to improve your health and not be held back? Here are my 4 top tips that can help you calm your pain and inflammation, from immediate relief to long-term self-care!

Essential Oils


If you need immediate relief of pain — physical, emotional, mental, etc — essential oils are where it is at. When buying quality essential oils, they can be so healing and create a bridge of healing to help you cope with what you are experiencing. Some of the ways that essential oils can be used are to:

  • Increase energy
  • Heal skin and acne
  • Improve digestion
  • Balance emotions, including depression and anxiety
  • Decrease muscle pains and joint aches
  • Increase mental alertness
  • Improve spiritual connection
  • Wound care

In this article, I picked my 5 favorite essential oils that are my go-to oils to create relief of 5 common ailments.



Be it stretching, strengthening, or professional bodywork, you can create immediate relief and long-term healing by picking the right exercises or services to indulge in. If you have a sore back, then some simple stretches to loosen the muscles may do the trick. If you have chronic muscle spasms and need deeper healing, then scheduling a massage or some myofacial work may be what you need. The key is knowing what stretching or strengthening exercises will give you relief in the moment and what exercises you need to do as preventive care so that you don’t end up being in pain in the first place. Here are some basic stretches, strengthening for lower body, full-body strengthening, and some some self-massage techniques to get you started.

Anti-Inflammatory Foods


Inflammation. Most do not realize that the foods that they eat every day plays a huge role in the body feels and how much inflammation is created internally. Chronic inflammation is not only uncomfortable — extra puffiness, pain, stiffness, achiness — but it also can cause decreased strength, headaches, and set the stage for future diseases and physical ailments. People get so used to thinking that chronic inflammation is a normal part of the human experience and can not be self-altered without drastic lifestyle changes or medications. There are foods that you can start eating right now that will decrease your inflammation and pain quite quickly.

Mindset And Your Beliefs About Pain

Free Happy Woman Enjoying Nature. Beauty Girl Outdoor. Freedom c

Mindset is hugely overlooked. So much so, that research in mind-body connection is abundant. According to this study, our beliefs about pain and what we are to experience as we age is directly related to how you will experience pain (intensity, type, ease of healing, etc). If you believe that you will experience pain and discomfort as you age, then your suffering will likely be more intense. But, if you believe that pain is something you can control, your pain frequency and intensity will most likely be lessened. Through meditation, mindset work, challenging your belief systems, and interacting with people who defy your belief systems through their own experiences, you can begin to make significant changes in your experience of pain.

All of these tips can create relief in the immediate, but some take longer to instill long-term benefits. Regardless of what you choose to decrease your pain and inflammation, it is about being consistent in your practices — and more consistency is needed as you scroll down the list above. Oils can probably be used intermittently and as needed, but when you are looking at mindset work, being proactive and creating real changes for a lifetime of energy and vibrancy with less pain takes true focus and consistency.

You got this!

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