7 Tips For Healthy Aging At Any Age

Depression and anxiety are two of the most common mental obstacles that humans experience.

There is good reason — with news sources at our finger tips and the woes of the world banging on the door of our consciousness at any given moment, being sucked into the heaviness of it all can spiral us quickly into the depths of depression and anxiety.

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Outside of a genetic predisposition or a physical change (i.e., brain trauma, etc) that may increase our likeliness to feel these obstacles more deeply, it is often about a mindset. Learning to change our state of being and choosing new ways to tap into the good stuff and unplug from the drama will create a new mindset. Maybe that means not turning the news on first thing in the morning or watching something funny at bedtime instead of scrolling on social media.

I am not saying that you should be ignorant to what is going on around you. Knowledge is power, after all. But ignorance is also bliss, so choosing what you tap into and how often can allow you to still be worldly and also allow you to keep your energy and happiness.

Life is seasons of events and, with each season, comes different needs or demands. Regardless of what season you are in, healthy aging is key to working through the different seasons with more ease and setting your future up for more energy and vitality (and less depression or anxiety).

Healthy aging is about reinventing yourself and living your best, authentic life. Dropping the old dramas that no longer serve you and cutting the cords of excessive dramas filtrating into your consciousness. It is about learning to embrace who you are, what you love, and what makes you tick.


Curious how to do that?

September is healthy aging month and in honor of that, here are 7 ways to begin reinventing who you are and learning how you can age with grace!

7 Ways To Reinvent Yourself

  1. Stand up straight. Improving your posture and standing tall can not only knock off years, but it can also slim the appearance of your waistline AND it builds confidence and self-assurance. Start by looking at yourself in the mirror. Are you hold­ing your stom­ach in, have your shoul­ders back, and your chin up? Is your chest slightly elevated? Fix your stance and prac­tice it every day, all day until it is nat­ural. You will look great and feel bet­ter.
  2. Don’t act your age. How old do you perceive yourself to be? Are you 40 but act like you are much older? This tip is to not act your age or at least what you think your cur­rent age should act like. What was your best age so far? 28? 40? Now? Pic­ture your­self at that age and FEEL it. Some people may think this is denial, but it is really just positive thinking and altering who you think you should be or what your age should look like. Remember, age is all about perception!
  3. Limit time with negative people. Have neg­a­tive friends or family who com­plain all of the time and con­stantly talk about how awful every­thing is? Limit your time with them. This may sound cruel, but negative people can suck your energy and, overtime, change your mindset to match theirs. Remember, we become who we surround ourselves with. Sur­round your­self with ener­getic, happy, pos­i­tive peo­ple of all ages and you will be hap­pier too. A little extra tip? Smile. Not only is it contagious, but it also repels the naysayers.
  4. Pick up that smile. Speaking of smiles, research shows peo­ple who smile more often or are around people who smile are hap­pier. Not only is the act of smiling important, but so is your teeth. Your teeth are just as impor­tant to your good health as the rest of your body. Not only is it the first thing peo­ple notice, but good oral health is a gate­way to your over­all well-being. Go to the dentist regularly and keep that smile beaming.energy_vitality_fitness
  5. Walk like a vibrant, healthy person. Do you walk slowly because you have become lazy or because you have a fear of falling? Posture increases your balance and your energy, so stand up tall (tip #1) and start to take big strides. Walk with your heals first and let yourself glide as your move through space. If balance is an issue, put that into your weekly exercise routine. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes. The more you practice this, the more you might see that you are walking with a healthy bounce in your step.
  6. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Are you feeling lonely? Stop hiding and then com­plain­ing about hav­ing no friends or fam­ily. Do some­thing about it. Right this minute! Pick up the phone and call someone to talk, set up a coffee date, or to even get together for a good cause. Stope waiting for them to call you. You could gather a friend (or more) to volunteer your time, take a class, or participate in a local event. Surround yourself with like minded people and high energy mindsets. You may even meet more people while on your mini adventure! women_happy
  7. Find your inner artist. Have you always wanted to play the piano, take an art class, take singing lessons, or dive into the world of writing? What is holding you back? Exploring your creative side opens a whole new world of yourself and helps you (re)discover parts of you that never had a chance to fully emerge. Artistic ventures are therapeutic and create stress reduction.

Healthy aging is not only about eating right and moving your body. It is about looking at yourself as a whole and reinventing who you are so that you can be authentically you. Because when we feel authentic and whole, we feel more peaceful and happy — healthy aging for a lifetime!

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