Simple, Effective Workout To Reduce Stress

The in between. That’s a hard place to live when you got places to go.

And by places to go, I mean to-do lists to cross off and goals to achieve. To go for your goals, but to be totally fine and love yourself just as you are. To want to lose weight and still be confident in your own skin. To be an active go-getter but know that sometimes, you have to slow yourself down. 

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It’s that space in between that can feel like it is just out of reach — like swinging between the two extremes on a balance board. Yet, it is the in between that is often the most healthiest of places to visit. What your body needs. What your mind needs. What your wellness is craving. 

Sometimes it is easy to just pick the extremes. That is the advice they give you. Push harder. Hustle more. Take less breaks. Be extreme and aggressive. 

Or maybe it’s to sit back and relax. Give your body a break. Chill out because you deserve it.

But these extremes don’t seem to sit well for the long haul. They are unsustainable and can cause more stress and more anxiety and less wellness. Living in the in between can be a hard place to navigate. 

Sometimes it is knowing when you need to be in the in between that feels the most foreign. All you have ever known is the extremes. And each time they have failed you (or, you tell yourself that you have failed them!). 

Body movement and living in the in between can be just as mind-boggling. Yet, the most expert of experty-ness would agree that for longevity and anti-aging, there are key factors that must exist.

Hint: The in between is one of them.

With a beautiful dance between strength, flexibility, cardio, and mind-body connectedness, longevity and anti-aging are within your grasp. And that dance consists of choreography involving both extremes, but also the in between. The down time with body movement. The less intense, yet still challenging your day to day norm. This gives the body a chance to move and flex and build functional strength. It gives the mind a chance to connect in and lower your stress. It gives your wellness a boost by allowing your adrenals to not be obliterated with yet one more exhausting workout. It lowers stress but also deepens the quality of your health.

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If you feel like you: 

  • Are tired all the time and you are not sure why
  • Have aches and pains that just will not go away
  • Are bored with your workouts and need to experiment
  • Work out all the time, but can not seem to lose the weight
  • Have a racing heart or an elevated resting pulse rate
  • Have minor injuries that will not heal
  • Are stressed out and need to dial it back
  • Just need to start moving again but don’t know where to start
  • Are peri-menopausal, menopausal, post-menopausal or are dealing with hormonal imbalances

Here is a workout designed for the in between. Try this 2-3 times a week to shake your body, mind, and spirit up —

  1. Plank alternating knee to chest (Pilates): 10x each leg
  2. Kneeling side kick/leg sweep (Pilates): 10x each leg
  3. One-legged downward dog (Yoga): 10 times each leg
  4. Extended triangle pose (Yoga): Hold for 5 deep breathes, repeat 3 times. Switch to the other side

Repeat sequence for a total of 2 times

  1. Bob and weave with squat (Kickboxing): 30 seconds
  2. Alternating front punches in squat (Kickboxing): 30 seconds
  3. Warrior 3 INTO Front kick INTO torso twist cross punch (Yoga/Kickboxing Combo): 10x each side

Repeat sequence for a total of 2 times


It is time to start doing, but doing with purpose. Are you going to be an in betweener?

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