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It is so easy to fall into the depths of negativity. 

To cut off your possibilities before they even have chance to grow, let alone thrive. 

To place the glass ceiling so low that you can see all the possibilities but never really get close enough to achieve them.

And when we enter the land of negativity, it is like all our imagination for what could be is checked at the gates. 

I entered the land of negativity many times over, but my visit lasted the longest when I was in my 20’s, the most impressionable adult years. I was excited about the future and about the possibilities, but I didn’t realize that I placed my glass ceiling so low that all I could see was the constraints of my present circumstances and the narratives of my past chapters. I went through each day making excuses of why I wasn’t where I wanted to be and blaming the people around me for where I was at in my life.

I was playing a victim in the land of negativity. And like a distant light reflecting off a shiny object, I was lifting my head up just enough to see that glimmer of hope. But I wouldn’t allow myself to leave.

Then one day, it shifted….

In the midst of an argument, my ex-boyfriend said, “I can’t be here for you” and he left for a weekend trip.

“I can’t be here for you.” Those words stung like a thousand bees.

As I sat on the floor of my shower, warm water sprinkling over my head trying to wash the dirt of shame and anger off of me, I found myself sobbing and shaking. Hugging my legs into my body, I cried tears that were so deep and full of years of anguish. I was at a rock bottom. 

I felt my victim-self silently screaming for help and then, like a shot, I realized something profound — I have never allowed myself to heal. On the outside, I was the healthiest person I knew, but on the inside it was a much different story. I felt alone and unworthy of possibilities and, most importantly, I allowed other people to determine my limitations of how far I could dream. I allowed them to place my glass ceiling.


When was the last time you allowed yourself to dream and imagine what was truly possible in your life? 

When was the last time that your “What if” ended with an exciting possibility rather than a limitation on why you couldn’t do something?

When was the last time that you allowed your imagination to take over so that it could build up your world and open the doors of possibility?

Maybe you are a lot like I was — allowing others to infiltrate your imagination and silence your possibilities. Or, maybe you are so conditioned to believe that “nothing good happens to you” or that your dreams are “just not possible.” Today, I am going to help you step out of the land of negativity with one simple phrase and open you up to a world of possibilities.

From Victim To Self-Empowered

What if I told you that there is a simple phrase and a simple activity that you can do to help you begin to build hope and possibility?

What if I told you that that simple phrase could help you rewire your thinking and open you to more possibilities?

What if I told you that that simple phrase could raise your glass ceiling and help you achieve your greatest desires?

I have already used it — Did you catch it?

“What if…”

The simple phrase of “what if” allows us to open up and dream. We already use this phrase all the time, but usually it is followed with a limiting belief.

“What if I lose all my money?”

“What if I I look like a fool?”

“What if my spouse gets mad at me?” 

I challenge you to take a simple phrase that you currently use all the time and change the outcome to set you up for unlimited possibilities.

The “What If” Game

Try this simple activity to get you started:

You can do this activity any time of the day, but the morning is powerful because it helps to start your day off with possibilities and allows you to tap into your dreams. 

Step One: In the morning when you wake up, pull out your journal and a pen. Before you start to write, it is helpful to get yourself into a calm state and a place of openness to dream big. To help you get there, close your eyes and take 5-10 deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth. With every exhale, imagine your shoulders and your whole body relaxing and your mind (or the crown of your head) opening and expanding. 

Step Two: When you feel relaxed and open, it’s time to dream. In your journal, write 3-5 phrases of “What if…” and how, if it happened, would change your life.

For example:

“What if I got that promotion at work? It would open me up to being able to go back to school and better my career.”

“What if I picked up the phone and called my dad? I could mend so many years of tension and ease some of my stress.”

“What if I took the chance and went for my goal? I could feel so accomplished and empowered.”

Writing down your statements helps you to dream bigger and make the seemingly impossible possible. Try this activity most mornings and see how it changes your thoughts and your openness and pulls you quickly out of feeling like a victim. Opening your imagination and allowing yourself to dream builds self-empowerment and feeling empowered can not co-exist with feeling like a victim. 

Which do you choose?

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